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The right way to re-open the schools

Finally, the schools are about to re-commence; the students will wander the halls again, chit chats in the corridors, attending classes et cetera. Things seem to go back ‘normal’ at a slow rate, yet everyone is grateful. However, that does not mean that the deadly virus has left our planet. With much effort and cautions, we have managed to reduce its spread worldwide, and it is our duty to continue to do so.

Hence, the most important approach implemented by the schools, colleges and academic institutions is to prioritize the hygiene measures in the premises. This important step (re-opening of schools) cannot be taken lightly; therefore, people are doing everything that is possible in order to control the ‘possible’ outbreak of COVID-19 amongst the students and the faculty.

Keeping in mind this concern, we have listed out some guidelines that will help your school function better during this global pandemic.

  1. Constant sanitization and disinfection in the school: Routinely hygiene services should be your top-most priority. We believe that continuous sanitization activities can help reduce the risk of children and teachers getting infected to bare minimum. Besides, it helps create a safe environment.

  2. Disinfect highly exposed areas regularly: Door knobs, stair cases, desks, seats, railings et cetera fall under the category of ‘highly exposed areas’, that is, where the virus is likely to be present as these are the most touched areas by the toddlers and professors. Usage of hygiene subsidiaries such as UVC light sterilizers and disinfectant sprays are the key solutions to this problem.

  3. Follow the cleaning procedures correctly: It is essential that one knows how to clean, disinfect and sanitize in the correct way.          The surface may seem dust or dirt free, but it is not necessary that it is COMPLETELY safe to function with. Therefore, we recommend you to hire sanitization services and assistances, leaving you tension-free and a sense of safety.

The team of Popcorn Furniture aspires to be someone whom you trust and consider a reliable assistant. Hence, in these tough times of the novel coronavirus, we have come up with professional cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing services, which will keep your premises a virus-free safe area. Our silver-nano technology that comes with Ayurveda substitutes is safe for the students, providing that it kills 99.9% of the bacteria and is eco-friendly. In addition to these assistances, Popcorn Furniture offers sanitization accessories, such as UVC Light sterilizers or infer-red thermal solutions that are easy to use and an ideal choice for the teachers to quickly keep a check on the children and disinfect nearby areas. What’s more? We offer routinely check-ups and other disinfection facilities that will surely fir in your budget! We assure you, you will not be disappointed with our services and facilities!

Wanting to explore more of our services? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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