tips to design a smart classroom with school furniture
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Top 10 tips to design a smart classroom with school furniture

tips to design a smart classroom with school furniture

Classrooms are the place where a child starts his social, academic, and personal growth. These rooms filled with limitless knowledge, peers, and inspiring teachers are one of the few places that get to witness a child’s development through the years. Another thing that is a major part of a child’s classroom experience is the furniture, infrastructure, and design of the classroom. Popcorn School Furniture is the country’s top school furniture supplier and deserves to be called so, because of the quality and efficiency of their products. So, when everything else that a student is exposed to is smart, why not the classroom too? Here is a list of things that can be adapted, to design a smart classroom with school furniture:

1. The chairs and tables need not have roots:
Though it is good for students to get habituated to seatings in order to focus more, it is also important that students have a rather flexible and interactive environment where they can form into groups, move around and learn freely. Get chairs and tables that have lighter bodies and mobile legs that can be moved around easily by students.

2. Teaching boards that are not just wall fixtures:
Take it from the best school furniture supplier of the country, gone are the days of those humongous blackboards fixed on the walls. Smart classrooms call for smart teaching boards. Use mobile boards like those sold at Popcorn School Furniture. These are not just mobile, they don’t take up much space and come with storage bins; all that a teacher needs to go about the lessons smoothly.

3. Don’t compromise on seating:
In a place where students spend most of their waking hours, their posture must be kept in mind. Use chairs and desks that don’t strain their physical health. We supply desks that are on a good level with
the seating and the seating has great support and quality so that learning is never compromised.

4. Less isolation, more learning:
Any smart classroom is invariably more interactive. While single-seat desks might help students study with fewer distractions, classrooms should encourage rapport building. We have a range of double desk benches and chairs where students can interact more and learn the fun way.

5. Collaboration is key:
Smart classrooms make smart students. It has been proven that when students are taught with activities and interaction with their peers, it makes their minds more open to perspectives and solutions. Using a collaborative round table method is a great tip to enhance learning; whereas, our variety of products contribute for the same.

6. One board is not enough:
While a single board can be useful in some classes, a few others might need a simultaneous competitive display or discussions that need to be separated from each other. The mobile marker board has multiple smaller removable boards that serve just the purpose.

7. Store smart:
You can prevent heavy book bags from weighing down both students' shoulders and their spirits, by getting smart storages into use. With our lockers and storages, the students will feel secure about their possessions and classroom items.

8. A little convenience might help talent:
Being school furniture suppliers for years, we know that art is as much a part of a smart classroom as academics. The use of art tables, art room trolleys, and art storage can be convenient, less messy,
and save time for those little artists to practice their talent.

9. Let the experiments go on:
Laboratories being a source of practical and experimental knowledge, is also a place that needs much space and sturdy, safe furniture. Being India’s leading laboratory furniture manufacturer; we
make sure, the furniture and storage used here are coated in epoxy non-toxic paints that are waterproof and chemical resistant, and you should too.

10. Books need a special place too:
Be it classrooms or the library, shelves are the best way to store books and other reading material. A great tip is to use low height shelves, to make the process convenient and hassle-free for students of
all heights and much safer as well. This will also save space, either making room for other things or making the room look much more open.

For the students who are going to be tomorrow’s citizens, learning must be enjoyable, safe, and simple and all the above-mentioned tips will definitely make the learning to be as aforementioned
manner, after all, a smart classroom helps develop smart minds.