qualities of school furniture
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Top 5 qualities of school furniture that every buyer should know

qualities of school furniture

Popcorn School Furniture offers a one-stop-shop for all the furniture required for setting up a school or college. It is the largest school furniture supplier in India. The company has 20 years of experience
in delivering the best in quality school furniture across Asia and Africa. Popcorn School Furniture is the only company in India for providing school furniture from the kindergarten to the 12th class segment. They provide premium products and the quality of their
products has been tested by the most passionate and active students around Asia and Africa. As of today, Popcorn School Furniture has furnished 8000 schools in over 1000 cities. Some of their
premium products are kindergarten furniture, school furniture like tables and chairs, library furniture, and educational toys.
The top 5 qualities you should keep in mind while buying school furniture are

● Health and Safety: Researchers have found a study that suggests that high quality, well- designed school furniture helps in increasing the concentration of kids in class, and it also reduces misbehavior which leads to better understanding and learning. Popcorn School
Furniture also ensures that school furniture manufactured by their company is the best in quality and of low maintenance.

● User-friendly Products: A research from the 1980s says that the wrong choice of chairs could result in back pains. The height of the chair should be related to the height of the table for better comfort. Popcorn School Furniture sees that they manufacture the chairs and
tables according to the norms, so students feel more comfortable in class.
● Mobility and Functionality: Popcorn School Furniture makes sure that they provide their clients with flexibility and functionality when it comes to school furniture. Mobility is important as class arrangements differ from time to time. School furniture should easily be able to adapt to the room layout without having to call a maintenance team.

● Durability: The lifespan of a particular product is important and here at Popcorn School Furniture we test each product for its durability and ensure that top-class quality is maintained. School furniture could be costly and to make more of the money you invest in
you may want to get the best furniture in the market. Popcorn School Furniture is the right stop for you to get the most premium and long-lasting products to furnish your classrooms.

● Value for Money: School furniture should be highly durable to fit for classroom demands.Furniture available at some random shop might seem like a good deal but they do not fit into the demands and requirements of classrooms. Having a read at the supplier's
reputation is quite important if you are looking forward to making a huge investment. Popcorn School Furniture offers its clients with best in class services from designing to installation and after-sale services.

● Designing and Production: With the help of our in-house architects and designers, we assist you in designing and setting up your institutional places. Keeping in mind the flexibility and
functionality of our quality products we help you choose every element. With our layout services, we help you in visualizing the look and designs for your Kindergarten, Classrooms, Libraries, Laboratories, and Playgrounds. You can get in contact with our designing team to help you figure out the best customization and designs for your school furniture.

● Installation: Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority at Popcorn School Furniture, and we are always here to help and assist you anytime. Our team of trained installers fits the furniture as per the layout provided and hands over the ready to use classrooms to you. Our team of installers works to bring the entity to your classrooms.

● After-Sale Services: Our team of designers designs school furniture with zero maintenance.However, for any assistance and help, you can get in contact with our team on services@popcornfurniture.com. We will guarantee to get in touch with you within 24