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Rejuvenating corporate offices is the new trend every administrator is following right now. The global pandemic of the novel coronavirus has made office heads realize the importance of their employees and co-workers. Work from home mode has changed everyone’s perspective; it has given a rise to home work stations and creating a comfortable ambience to function in.

However, the situation within the office premises has improved as well. With increased productivity and efficiency showed by the employees during these tough times, the administrators feel the need to re-decorate the working stations of their people in order to create a welcoming environment for everyone.

Popcorn Furniture, one of the finest and oldest furniture suppliers in India, is here to help you keep up with the trends and modern times in the corporate world.

Office Furniture Options

Here is a list of series and articles, explained briefly, available at our website!

  1. Tables and chairs: These are the basic requirement for any organization. Popcorn Furniture has a wide range of ergonomic tables and chairs to offer, which are environmental friendly, stylish and comfortable at the same time!
  2. Work Station: The future for smart furniture is here, work stations are the new source of attraction in any office premises. These space saving equipment aims to elevate employees’ interaction and a better working surroundings. Popcorn Furniture creative and innovative work stations are cost efficient and trendy, making it an ideal choice for your corporate house.
  3. Meeting and conference room furniture: The team of Popcorn Furniture is aware that different offices and business houses have distinct meeting rooms; as the number of employees varies a lot. Hence, Popcorn Furniture provides several meeting tables, desks and chairs, available in different sizes and shapes. Such availability of articles makes it easier for you to choose the equipment most suitable for your premises. In addition to meeting room furniture, the team has a separate series for corporate conference rooms as well! From large and gigantic tables to short ones, the team has it all! Our conference room articles have both formal and informal looks, helping to make meetings and conferences more fun and interesting.
  4. Reception Furniture: The most over sighted furniture in any office; the reception. It is considered to be waiting area, where an individual waits or gets all the information regarding any query. Having comfortable and good furniture at reception is as important as any other department in the premises. Therefore, Popcorn Furniture has some sofas and reception tables to offer and choose from!
  5. Shelves: Storage units and unique shelves provided by Popcorn Furniture are the ‘must haves’ fir your corporate house. Not only does it enhances the look of the office, but also offers employees and coworkers to keep their belongings ( or you might as well just keep some office accessories too!)

Are you ready to re-decorate your office? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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