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UVC LIGHT STERLIZERS: The New Covid-19 Repellants

As the unwanted situation of COVID-19 still persists, majority of us have adapted the new normal and the new norms that the deadly virus has brought along with it. Regular washing of hands, disinfecting surfaces on routinely basis, maintaining the distance, et cetera has now become a part of our daily routines.

In addition to many hygiene procedures and services taken by the people, hospitals and the government, several accessories and subsidiaries have come into existence, as they are easy to use and function; for example infra-red thermal solutions, disinfectant sprays and many more. However, one of the most important hygiene subsidiaries that is being considered now more than ever is UV light sterilizers.

To briefly explain, UV light has been known for its capability to kill germs and viruses for many years now.  Usually, it has been used in the ‘latest technology’ list like UV-emitting cases, self-cleaning UV light water bottles, cleaning your dirty phone et cetera. However, a new germicidal UV product has been introduced, known as UV-C, which has proved to be more useful and effective in reducing the harmful corona virus germs to almost bare minimum. The killing rate of this product is higher than 99.9%, making it an ideal choice for everyone, be it in hospitals, offices, schools, et cetera.

Let us dig a little deeper. UV-C light sterilizers is capable of inactivating and destroying pathogens like viruses, germs and bacteria, by using wave lengths of ultra violet spectrum between 200 to 280 nanometers. This easy to use accessory is turning out to be ‘answer to all of our problems’ as its easy utilization and positive outcomes are winning over the people across the globe.

As the re-opening of schools is around the corner, the most important aspect that needs attention is implementation of hygiene and sanitization measures. Routinely disinfection services, following the 3Ws (wear a mask, wash your hand and watch your distance) and other safety procedures are the basic steps and guidelines for the schools to follow. But, having a UVC light sterilizer will be like cherry on a cake! You do not need to know rocket science it, as teachers and other faculty can comprehend its functions and other things very easily.

Popcorn Furniture and team, being the best school and office furniture manufacturer in India, has come up UVC solutions that will be just right for your schools to be germ – free! Our portable UVC light sterilizers are not something to miss out on. It is highly recommended by us as it can disinfect highly exposed areas, such as door knobs, stair cases, desks, et cetera, very easily and in less time. Moreover, we offer other disinfection and sanitization services such as anti-microbial surface treatments, herbal non-toxic treatments, et cetera, which will make your school premises danger free, creating a safe and hygienic environment.

Are you willing to know about such facilities? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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