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Welcoming back the students to the premises

Given the fact that a child’s education is now mostly carried out online, their body posture would be accustomed to their sofas and bed by now. With the re-opening of schools, the thought of leaving their comfort zone might be a nightmare for the children.

But let’s talk about our main motive here: comfortable and convenient furniture for students to function on.  We all know that students sit in different positions; they cross their legs or stretch them, sit straight or slouch, bend over, et cetera. Hence, focusing on classroom furniture is an essential part of the curriculum, which often goes un-noticed. Investing in a good furniture deal can actually turn things around the table! With students coming back to their ‘old-life’ ordeal, taking care of their body postures and formation by buying suitable, comfortable, convenient and trendy.

The ideal way to do it is to get chairs, tables and desks customized according to every child in order to provide a better lifestyle. But let’s face it; no school has that much budget. The best ‘possible way’ would be to meet the ergonomic standards in order to improve body posture and avoid it from getting ruined. Do you think that selecting one chair design is going to be compatible for the whole class?

Your answers might be mixed, or to some extent ‘not sure’. Let us list out some of the reasons why good furniture is as important as any other aspect within the school premises.

  1. We all are aware that students spend most of their school just sitting in their chairs and studying. Hence, it is essential to implement an arrangement that caters almost every student’s need, that is, average and standard chairs with good quality and which offers a support system to enhance and form a good and ideal body formation.
  2. With the kids growing up almost every year in different ways, which includes growth in the size as well, setting up ergonomic classroom layouts is now need of the hour. The increase of physical stress due to ‘old conventional’ chairs can lead to lack of circulation of blood. Slouching and building up of tension muscles. 

With the aim to live up to our reputation of being the best school furniture manufacturer in India, Popcorn Furniture provides with chairs, desks and tables with highest quality that supports ergonomic standards and helps you keep up with the modern times. Our team of professionals has designed ‘out of the box’ school furniture that supports as well as promotes collaborative and comfortable seating arrangements, making the students feel better than before. Re-opening of school would get much easier with our trendy, innovative and creative classroom furniture, which will make the children miss their lockdown comfort sitting and relaxing time a little less.

Ready to call your students back to the school premises? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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