College Furniture

Colleges are a place of learning and growing as an individual. But the transformation of the student needs to be a comfortable one. Popcorn Furniture aims to provide that comfort through world class classroom furniture which facilitates focus at the same time. We design furniture of the highest quality, ranging from tables, chairs, and hostel beds to shelves and soft seats.

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The Collaborative Seating range consists of tables in the Natural and Flower Collaborative categories. As the name suggests, this furniture line is meant to promote collaborative learning. We strongly believe that group learning is the way of the future and these furniture pieces will do just that. The Tablet Chairs are space efficient and allow a student to have their own space as they study and come up with ideas. Same for the auditorium chairs- they promote comfortable and individual seating for students as they sit through seminars and performances.

The Library range consists of everything you’ll need to transform your library and make it welcoming for students. Tables, chairs, shelves- you name it, we got it. They are available in a range of colors which makes the library an inviting and warm place for students- contrary to how it’s normally perceived.

For informal gatherings on the premises, we have the Soft Seating range which add that touch of relaxation and community. Finally, the hostel beds are one of a kind and do more than provide a space for sleeping. Keeping in mind, the late night assignments and projects, they come with their own work spaces and are built to encourage good posture and a healthy anatomy of the body.

All in all, the entire range of Popcorn Furniture’s college furniture pieces will transform your college into an excellent learning center for students where they enjoy being and wish to come again and again.

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