Collaborative Seating

Collaboration is in-demand in professional as well as in the educational sphere around the globe. Popcorn Furniture’s premium Collaborative Seating range is designed to familiarize students with this need of the 21st century right from the classroom level. It is known that collaboration, communication, critical thinking etc are essential for 21st-century learning.

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Therefore, designing sitting arrangements which help students to collaborate with each other and with the facilitators is essential. Popcorn’s collaborative seating arrangement promotes the free flow of ideas among students and between the teacher and student, promoting group education and learning. Not only will it equip the students with refined communication skills, but each of them will individually gain confidence when they present their ideas at the Collaborative Seating tables. India’s largest school furniture supplier Popcorn furniture understands the importance of flexible classrooms and provides classroom chair and table accordingly.

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collabrative seating/Mobile Board&Bins

Natural Collaborative

Designed for a purely international look and a modern feel in the classroom, the Natural Collaborative furniture range is made up of 3 tables- Rectangle Table, Trapezium Table, and Amoeba Table. Each of these tables has a PVC binding with rounded edges and rubber finish for greater safety. The legs have a metallic finish with 60 microns powder coating. At the end, they have been polished to a wooden hue for a natural look. The anti-friction guards protect the floor from skidding marks. The overall look and design make them ideal as classroom furniture.

Clover Collaborative

Collaborative learning has proven to be a helpful method of teaching and learning. In order to make it more fun, Popcorn Furniture- one of the leading college furniture manufacturers in India- designed the flower collaborative, in which 6 tables are joined together to make the shape of a flower.