It is no secret that more than the 4 walls of the classroom, little kids love to run, roll, and frolic in the playground. That is where the personality of the child is shaped, s/he learns social skills, and develops the power of imagination through endless innovative games.

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And yet, many schools keep little to no thought to the playgrounds. Some even take a patch of grass, restrict entry there during certain hours, and call it a playground. They do not take advantage of the possibilities of learning that the school playground equipment can facilitate.
Keeping in mind the vital role played by this part of a school, one of the leading school playground equipment manufacturers in the country has come up with a range of indoor and outdoor playground furniture that will not only amp up the fun for kids but keep them socially, mentally, and physically fit. Designed by Popcorn Furniture, this range of indoor and outdoor playground furniture will keep the little ones happy on a sunny day as well as a rainy one.
The outdoor playground equipment consists of a wide variety of playground sets: Masda, Spatia, Boxia, Sabia, and Troy. All of them are colorful and attractive to the eye, and come with variations of slides, swing sets, and tunnels, balancing stations. The indoor school playground equipment consists of gyms and climbing walls that ensure physical activity even if the little ones have to sit inside.
What’s consistent throughout all of our products is the hawk-eyed care taken for the safety of the kids. All the equipment has been designed in accordance with strict safety standards and regulations. When you let the kids out to play, you won’t have to worry about them getting hurt due to a misplaced screw, piece of wood, or sharp edges; their well-being was the first design criteria.

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Indoor playground equipment

Children love to play, whether it is a sunny day or a rainy one. But if it is raining and they can’t go outside, does it mean they’ll have to make-do with ludo, blocks, or coloring?

Outdoor Playground Equipment

Imagine the delight on the face of kindergarteners when they step outside to play a see a lovely rocker in the shape of a fish; a sailing ship on which they can find treasure