Amoeba Soft Seat (POPSS5) | School


This free form soft seat can seat up to 3 children and can be used in classrooms, libraries, reception areas and common areas. Soft seating can be used along with classroom desk and chair to bring about multipurpose look in the area.

24 × 24 × 16 in


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The Amoeba Soft Seat from the series of Soft Seating serves a Flexible Seating in the learning environment and brings out the lively atmosphere among the kids. This furniture is a great way to promote the healthy interaction in the learning progression. Fabricated in style and sophistication, the product has an ideal height and delicately colored in a lighter shade of olive green with base of tan brown color. The product has been designed by paying attention to kid’s comfort and provide them pleasure while reading in library, or doing some activity in activity area. Here are some additional features of the product:

  •  Made up of high quality material, finished in high density PU foam with wooden framework,
    this Amoeba Seat from the range of Soft Seating is a great way to promote the healthy
    exchange of ideas between the kids.
  • With adding some color in the air of learning space, this innovative piece aims to facilitate
    the kids comfort and make the surroundings interactive and fun.
  • Covered with upholstery furnishing fabric, this carefully crafted Class Furniture is light in
    weight and easily manageable.
  • By providing immense space to accommodate, the product does not require any

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Dimensions 24 × 24 × 16 in

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