Farm Wall Décor (WD212)


Do you want to transform your classroom into a unique, beautiful, original and sophisticated ambience without making too much effort and spending much money? Then the answer for you is this piece of modern classroom furniture.

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The wall decors are currently one of the latest trends in classroom décor and one of the easiest ways to add a special touch to any room. The Farm Wall Décor completely changes the look of the classroom and makes it livelier. It is perfect for temporary or permanent decoration and is incredibly user-friendly.

The WD212 Farm Wall Décor is a great addition to classroom storage. It consists of farm-themed wall décor. The entire package is made of very bright colours and has ten pieces in total. The kit consists of farm animals- a rabbit, sheep and bird. The other parts are mushrooms, a hut, grass, bushes and a tree. All ten pieces in the wall décor package are made of wood and give a 3D effect to the classroom décor. Not only do they make the classroom look attractive and vibrant but also add interest in the learning activities for the children. You can just brighten up any room with this farm wall décor!

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Dimensions 48 in

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