Single Desk (POPCORN47)


Sitting for hours in one single stance can adversely affect the posture, which is why; Popcorn Furniture has designed single desks that offer a mix of durability and comfort. The POPCORN47 double desk is a model of functional design.

24 X 16 X 30 in


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Seating posture while studying in a classroom is very important. Popcorn furniture is India’s largest school furniture manufacturer and exporter. They ensure that the furniture is designed keeping the ergonomics and safety parameters in mind. This single desk is designed to provide the students with superior comfort, with features that make it just the right fit for any institutional setting. Here are some exceptional features that make Popcorn47 special:

  • The chair is an exclusive Popcorn furniture design
  • It comes in a metal base, which adds to its sturdiness
  • It comes in a 18 mm tamperproof table top, with an PVC injection moulded edge
  • The desk is equipped with an in-built tray to store stationery items
  • The school desk also has hooks for hanging bags
  • The stackable chair comes with indented grooved to hang backpacks
  • The chair offers optimal air cushioning and back support

The Popcorn47 desk is a perfect solution for those who give topmost priority to comfort, with furniture that is ergonomically designed, and offers comfort as well as maintains the attentiveness of the student.

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Dimensions 24 × 16 × 30 in

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