Square Table (LIB736)


The LIB736 square table comes in a three colour seamless finish and can be used along with different shapes from the library table’s range of Popcorn furniture, leading school furniture supplier in India.

48 X 48 X 30 in


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The Square Table LIB736 is a jazzy piece of library furniture meant to lighten whichever room it is placed in. With a top that is painted with yellow, light blue, and dark blue colors, the Square Table will naturally attract the student’s eye and draw them to sit and read. With proper lightning through lamps and windows, the whole room comes alive with airy feel where the student can find great pleasure in reading and studying.

Crafted by one of the top library furniture suppliers in India- Popcorn Furniture- the Square Table gives a great learning environment to the students. It adds a modern and international look to the room. Combined with our other library furniture pieces, the whole place is transformed from dull to inviting. The table is light, yet sturdy enough to bear the weight of many heavy books at once.

The 5 features which make it great as library furniture include:

  • Wooden table tops with metal frames make the table durable and comfortable
  • CRC powder coated metal frame with PVC caps
  • Table top is 25mm merino laminate covered with Rehau edge binding
  • The easy clean tops make for easy maintenance
  • Can seat 4-8 students comfortably

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Dimensions 48 × 48 × 30 in

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