Toadstool Shelf (POP71)


When dealing with kids you need to sore all kinds of things, and often furniture is not very supportive in that endeavour. The huge props, toys, and such objects that block the drawers.

36 × 16 × 36 in


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When dealing with kids you need to store all kinds of things and you need furniture for storage books, toys, puzzles etc.

With the POP71 Toadstool Shelf the storage of big props- and generally things that tend to be bigger for storage units- becomes so much easier! The open drawer compartments have been given a unique covering with the help of toadstool cutouts. The cutouts keep the objects away from sight, but store them successfully.

The shelving unit has a normal open shelf as well, where everything from books to blocks can be displayed.

The selling point of the shelf is the wheels that are attached to it. It makes mobility very easy, even for the children. It can be a great equipment for nursery school for dance programs and theatre, where children can store their props in the drawer, and their bags and/or shoes can be kept in the shelf.

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Dimensions 36 × 16 × 36 in

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