Collaborative Seating

In order to facilitate the free flow of information and meaningful exchange of ideas among children, it is necessary to have a space that doesn’t restrict movements or activities. We, as custom furniture manufacturers, incorporate that very essence in our designs, through furniture that promotes collaborative seating.

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Our range of collaborative seating is a breakthrough in design, free to body movements, easing out the process of interaction. The collaborative seating is where innovation meets mechanism, creating furniture that meets the needs of the present generation. At Popcorn Furniture, we put emphasis on the usefulness of the furniture we create; making sure that it aligns with the requirements of a 21 st century classroom environment. 

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Natural Collaborative

The natural collaborative seating is the perfect addition to any modern learning environment, with innovative classroom furniture that meets the seating needs with the utmost ease. It is not any normal seating that is commonly found in classrooms but is something that gives an international look and feel to the classroom environment. The range of furniture falling under this category is visually appealing, with the tables secured with PVC edge binding and a rubber finish. Also, the table top is made of high-quality wood, and the legs have a metallic finish, ensuring its durability. The furniture is ergonomically designed that not only offers comfort but facilitates the uninterrupted exchange of thoughts and ideas between the teacher and the students.

Clover Collaborative

Collaborative learning has proven to be a helpful method of teaching and learning. In order to make it more fun, Popcorn Furniture- one of the leading college furniture manufacturers in India- designed the flower collaborative, in which 6 tables are joined together to make the shape of a flower.