Admin Furniture

Popcorn Furniture supplies furniture not only for classrooms but also for all activities and departments of an institution. Their dedicated design team understands the needs and demands of the different departments and has customized their furniture range accordingly.

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They have justified their position among the  leading furniture manufacturers, and they have custom-made furniture for the Admin section of the institutions. The control of an institution lies in the Admin section. The Admin department has furniture requirements that are different from the classroom furniture needs. Popcorn Furniture provides tables, desks and workstations to suit their requirements.
The complete range from Popcorn offers a one-stop solution for the modern and dynamic office. They have a vast range, from modular workstations, panels, desks, shelves, conference tables to seating systems, they have a lot to offer. They give clients the freedom to choose, shape and reconfigure the admin section according to their needs. These are complemented by various types of storage, as well as seating for executives, staff, and reception. To combat the adverse effects of continuous seating, they even have flexible and height-adjustable tables. Their products are designed to give consumers ergonomic comfort, enhance productivity and reduce fatigue while at work.
The modern furniture manufacturers, Popcorn Furniture, has also designed their furniture to save space and make the areas look more prominent. More space makes the daily operations easy to convene. The furniture can also be custom made according to the space requirements of the consumer. They have furniture that is suitable for modern workspaces, co-work spaces, corporate houses, schools and colleges. Moreover, they provide both formal and informal type of seating options. So if you are looking for the best in class range of conference table, storage, reception, work table, sofas, cabinets, shelves and other furniture for your Admin section, Popcorn Furniture is the place to go to.

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