Kindergarten Tables

Early years are essential for children’s development. Proper education can help children to grow holistically during this period. Being young, students of Kindergarten need space to do independent and group activities. For this purpose, it is suggested that they are made to access furniture which is comfortable and allows children to have space in a classroom environment. Popcorn, India’s number one furniture manufacturer offers an exclusive range of kids table for kindergarten kids.

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Tables offered by Popcorn have greater flexibility and can be comfortably used for both individual and group activities. Popcorn Furniture provides high-quality classroom furniture with a wide range of traditional and modern mobile desks. Popcorn offers Gingerhouse, Omega, Beanstalk and Theme based series to give classrooms a vibrant look which makes the classroom environment attractive and engaging for young learners. All tables are well suited for playing, eating, reading and other kindergarten activities. They are of the perfect height and size for children and can be used in playrooms, classrooms, libraries or even outdoors.

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Natural Series

Natural series classroom picture

Gingerhouse Series

Popcorn Furniture’s Gingerhouse series has a fantastic range of child-friendly and pocket-friendly school furniture tables. The tables in this range are plastic-based. With a special focus on kindergarten students, these tables are lightweight, stylish, durable and comfortable. The tables in these series can be used as indoor classroom tables, or in outdoor learning spaces.

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The Gingerhouse series of kindergarten tables is a prime range of school desks, specifically designed to be lightweight and mobile, for the convenience of children. With an option to choose between rectangular and group tables, this range has become the affordable choice for most learning institutions.

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Gingerhouse series classroom picture

Jungle Series

jungle series classroom picture

Omega Series

As the children enter kindergarten, their classroom furniture also must grow with them. Low shelves must be incorporated to let kids easily reach supplies and other items. Popcorn Furniture manufactures furniture that is a must buy for kindergarten classrooms. The Omega series school desks come with adjustable height legs that allow the size of the table to be custom-fit.

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It is the wooden range of tables and has thick table tops. This gives it a sturdy nature and allows the tables to have strength for indoor and use. The tables have tamper proof rounded child safe edge binding and there is a choice of different creative shapes to choose from.

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Omega series classroom picture

Theta Series

Theta series classrom picture

Bean Stalk Series

Kindergarten students are super active, and with them around, disarray is inevitable. Classrooms are no longer a static space but a dynamic learning environment. A combination of a better understanding of how these young children learn and the ability to apply the same knowledge through better and more effective teaching methods has resulted in this very change.

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Popcorn Furniture’s Beanstalk range is specially designed to give classrooms a sleek look. They have a wooden top and come in a pocket-friendly range. They are available in attractive shapes and colours.

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Beanstalk series classroom picture