Collaborative Seating

The curriculum for the 21st-century focuses on creative thinking, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. Thus it is imperative to provide children with a classroom environment which promotes the four essential C’s of learning. Seating arrangements are extremely important to promote this new learning. Classroom furniture must support flexible seating. Collaborative learning is very different from the traditional seating arrangements, and for this, Popcorn, India’s number one furniture manufacturer have launched their range of collaborative seating furniture.

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Collaborative learning is more about learning by doing and building a bond between the teachers and the students. Popcorn’s range of collaborative furniture promotes peer-facilitator communication and encourages group activities and exchange of ideas in the best possible way. Collaborative seating arrangements offered by Popcorn are exclusively designed and make the teaching-learning process comfortable. It helps kids to collaborate with each other and with the educator. This sitting arrangement hones their communication skills and they develop beautiful attributes like sharing food, caring for each other, making friends etc which are essential life lessons.

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Collaborative seating