Designing and Production

Aided with a highly efficient and skilled team, Popcorn is one of the prominent furniture manufacturers of India. Popcorn Furniture is not only known for its quality of products but is greatly appreciated for their customer-oriented services and the intense capacity of collaboration. Be it manufacturing school furniture, creating a vibrant indoor game room for a kindergarten school or designing any institutional space – Popcorn assists their customers with unique design ideas. Their in-house team of designers and architects keep no stone unturned to help the customers with the finest ideas which can transform the outlook of any academic institution. Popcorn chooses furniture design elements which are highly flexible, functional and user-friendly. Customisation plays an important part in designing which help institutions with best design solutions that make the most mindful use of spaces. Popcorn provides complete design solutions for Kindergarten, classrooms, libraries, playgrounds, and laboratories. Popcorn helps clients with layout services to help them visualise the final look of their institutions.

Designing and Production


Popcorn wants to be part of the academic journey of learners. Therefore the Popcorn team puts sincere efforts to make the client’s vision into a reality. Popcorn sends the team of installers at the client’s location where they work and bring life to the institution. Customer satisfaction is Popcorn’s top-most priority and they are glad to assist their journey-mates anytime.

After Sale Service

Popcorn does not believe in the regular buyer-seller relationship. Since inception, they are focused on the long-term business partnership with their customers. Therefore, despite manufacturing products which require no maintenance, Popcorn team keeps their communication portal open for the clients. Clients can reach out to the team via for any assistance and can get support as per their requirement.