The time of transition from preschool to primary school is a crucial one for children as well as for parents. Kindergartners are very active participants in classrooms and adapt quickly to the world around them.

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For small children, the concept of size is introduced as soon as they start holding something in their hands on wrapping their hands around things. The sense of touch helps them to differentiate between soft and hard, bumpy or smooth. This active learning process needs to be accommodated for in learning institutions as well. These institutions must facilitate an environment that supports the learning potential of the children. It must also encompass their ability to perform simple tasks, see and reach various different objects and feel comfortable in their surroundings while learning. There must be spaces that accommodate children’s physical size and must contain tools that help to enhance their confidence and performance. With the excellent range of Popcorn Furniture, you can be assured to benefit from all of these. With the appropriate size of the school furniture, we guarantee to prolong children’s interest and participation in the classroom activities.

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