Wall Decor

Kindergarten Furniture plays an important role in a child’s development. But furniture only can’t make any school environment perfect. Popcorn, the leading furniture manufacturer of India ensures a perfect classroom environment for kids which is well-equipped with comfortable kindergarten furniture along with trendy and mindful wall-decor.

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Popcorn Furniture tries to add some spark to the walls with the help of such amazing decors. The themed wooden wall panels for kindergarten classroom furniture can be reused for a long time to make the room look brighter.
There are themes like jungle, farm and trip wall décor. The 3D wall decor is capable of bringing a wide smile on the face of the kids. The varied themes helps children to become familiar with the outside world in a fun way. Animals, vehicles, clouds, trees, mushrooms, birds and grass are a part of the wall décor. By looking at these wall-papers children can grow curious about nature and other aspects of life.

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