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When it comes to finding classroom furniture for your school premises be it classrooms, labs, cafeterias… Popcorn’s furniture line is the best resource for the modern-day learning environment. We try to optimise the educational experience by catering to its various necessities through purpose built, aesthetically and ergonomically designed comfortable and safe classroom furniture. Popcorn is dedicated to creating and providing high-quality educational aids for good classroom experience to young minds in India.

We are amongst the most reliable firms in the market and you can count on us for educational furniture from a learning perspective. Our range of products is appropriate to the age and equipment used is specially designed for early learning. As one of the prominent and preferred school furniture supplier Popcorn offers one of the widest ranges of selection of school equipment in affordable price. When you wish for the best classroom furniture equipment, you can count on Popcorn. Whatever you need to equip your classroom on a budget, or if you’re looking for a diverse product selection to furnish your entire school, we have the classroom furniture and equipment you’re looking for.

Shop from our collection of classroom furniture featuring multiple series so as to cater to your requirements. Gamma Series: Round Table Set, Square Table Set, Clover Table Set, Rectangle Table Set Omega Series: Round Table, Group Table, Semi Circle Table, Square Table, Hexagon Table, Rectangle Table, Trapezium Table, Flower Table Lamda Series: Group Table, Flower Table, Rectangle Table Crescendo Series: Flower Table, Round Table, Square Table Iota Series: Group Table, Flower Table, Rectangular Table, Round Table Delta Series: Loop Table, Cluster Table Zeta Series: Semi-Circular Table, Rectangular Table Beta Series: Cluster Table, Wave Table, Swirl Table Mexus Series: Trapezium Set, Double Desk Popcorn offers the full spectrum of classroom furniture to make the minds of young blossom. Allow us to help you find a wide variety of quality classroom furniture at affordable price tags.