Soft Play Blocks (3743)


Toddlers have a lot of energy to dissipate, but there are not many activities that their parents will deem as safe for them to indulge in. The 3741 soft blocks are approved by every parent! The bright and attractive structure is entirely safe for kids- it is flexible.

78 × 68 × 18 in




Every parent wants their kid to play with toys that are safe for their little one, while simultaneously hones and sharpens their developing brain as well. Not many toys are deemed safe for toddlers for fear of them swallowing small parts of it. The 3743 Soft Play Blocks are an engagement tool that can be trusted by all parents. Its huge size and bright colour attract toddlers, and its flexible and soft material makes sure that playtime is free from little accidents- an ideal daycare toy. It is perfect for growing children, who are generally extremely hyperactive- the durable material is fit to endure jumping, hopping and balancing. To ensure further safety, these blocks can be used on a padded surface.

At an age where the motor skills of children generally develop, the Soft Play Blocks will prove to be a catalyst in honing coordination of your child. The seven-block set includes blocks of various shapes and sizes, providing an array of choices for all those who play with it.

Additional features of the block set include:

  • Soft, non-toxic leatherette padding makes it safe for kids
  • Its flexibility makes it a durable product, a must in daycare toys and supplies

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Dimensions 78 × 68 × 18 in

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