Art Room Trolley (POP029)


In an environment full of children, accidents are bound to happen. When talking about an art room setting, the chances of having messy accidents is increased tenfold. Popcorn- the leading furniture manufacturer- understands its customer.

36 × 20 × 36 in


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Popcorn- the leading furniture manufacturer- understands its customer and with its art room range has put out products that will not only increase efficiency of the children.
POP029 Art Room Trolley is perfect organising tool. It is where all the art and craft supplies can be stored in a single handy spot. No longer will children have to hunt for art supplies before starting on a project.
The trolley comes with wheels- creativity does not have to be limited to a room anymore. One can wheel this trolley to different places with ease, and release their creativity!
The trolley comes with three tiers- with a single paneled shelf, and two normal shelves. The paneled shelves are ideal for the storage of paint bottles, pencils, markers and brushes- all things that tend to get misplaced easily. The lower shelves can be used to collect and stack drawing books and creative assignments.
Additional features include:

  • Lightweight- mobility is easy
  • Wood makes it a durable piece of kids furniture

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Dimensions 36 × 20 × 36 in

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