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Active Seating Options For Your Flexible Classroom

Are you in need of the best seating options for your school?

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Students and teachers are fond of options when it comes to seating in the classroom. The days of single desks were long gone in straight rows. Now you can choose from standing desks, tables for teamwork, balls for balance, wobble shops, and much more.

There is also a lot more research showing a connection between the subtle changes that require flexible seating and an increase in student attention and participation, making classrooms more available to students, increasing student involvement, and opening the space to a variety of styles of learning.

Here are some of the new, newest, best, and most popular choices for versatile seating to consider in your classroom.

  1. The Surf Portable Lap Desk

This is another effective solution for getting your students to work, write, read, and more from their typical desks and on the floor. There are also more options available in specific colors.

  1. AlphaBetter Stand-up Desks

Give children a break from sitting by supplying them with a stand-up desk with built-in space. This one comes with a spinning footrest bar that allows students to channel extra energy and engage in the smooth movement.

  1. Kore Wobble Stool

These wobble stools can be found throughout the country in classrooms. Teachers love them because they are easy to set up and work for students of all ages. They are durable, available in many colors, and can easily replace your regular chairs.

  1. Node Chair With Work Surface

It is a chair and desk in one piece which can scoot as needed around the room. The armrests are the ideal place to hang backpacks, the storage tray underneath houses everything else, and the work surface is built for students on the right or left.

  1. TiltED Active Seats

They have the slightest curve for these seats, allowing your students to rock back and forth as much as they want. They also promote a good posture because of the backless design.

  1. StackED Foam Stools

They are stackable, bright, and made of foam. These are entirely new to the market, and with the adjustable legs, you would love to make them bigger or shorter. For a team-table or study room, these would be preferred.

  1. Stability Balls

These giant balls, also defined as yoga or exercise balls, allow children to bounce gently when sitting and encourage good posture. You can either get a single ball or choose one with an inflatable base to stop it from rolling away. A stability ball is one of the most inexpensive, flexible seating choices.

  1. Twixt Active Seating

If you are looking for stools for older students, especially for high tables or standing desks, then consider the Twixt Active Seating stools. They come in multiple colors and pass around your room quickly.

  1. Lakeshore Comfy Floor Seat

Sit comfortably on the ground at any moment, with this flexible cushioned chair, suitable for ages eight and up. Place them flat at the end of the day and stack them up. Luckily, the fabric cover can be removed and cleaned by the tool.

  1. Kindermat Storytime Cushions

Sit comfortably on the ground at any moment, with this flexible cushioned chair, suitable for ages eight and up. Place them flat at the end of the day and stack them up. Luckily, the fabric cover can be removed and cleaned by the tool.

  1. Butterfly Stool Modular Seating Set

In this versatile seating kit, you’ll get six seats. All are lightweight, so moving around or rearranging them is easy. And the leather-like covering which allows cleaning them quickly. To younger children, this collection is best. There are three different color schemes you can choose from, including this one.

  1. Vidget 3-in-1 Active Seat

A flexible stool can provide a smooth rocking motion, can be a static stool, or can become a workspace. Curved handles with knobs make it easy to hold them and bring some fiddle to hands.


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