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Kindergarten Furniture and the influence

However human beings develop themselves almost every day, the basic development takes place during the time period of kindergarten and pre-school. This crucial period for toddlers is often over sighted by their...

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Impact of Playground & Gymnasium

The digital world is taking over our planet more than the seed of light. In less than a decade, mobile phones have become an important part of lives; not just post on social media, but to work online as well. D...

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Importance of Playground Activities

Every school has its own playground; a place where children have fun, exchange ideas and bond in a better way. With technology and internet taking over the world at a fast pace, toddlers have accustomed themsel...

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Laboratories and their Importance

Practical studying has come into focus now more than ever. Apart from understanding and learning theories from books, performing the written content practically has now taken over the school curriculum. The imp...

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Welcoming back the students to the premises

Given the fact that a child’s education is now mostly carried out online, their body posture would be accustomed to their sofas and bed by now. With the re-opening of schools, the thought of leaving their comfo...

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Popcorn Furniture’s Hygiene Services for Offices

The thought of going back to office can be dreading for some of us, not because you are now used to working at home (partly yes), but because you are worried about your safety and the convenience of people surr...

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Re-visit Office in a new Way

The level of pressure and tension at offices has increased now more than ever. The global pandemic of COVID-19 has changed everyone’s perspective towards our daily life’s work and chores. Digitization and sudde...

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Re-starting Colleges the right way

One thing is for certain, ambience and furniture of college is very different to that of the schools. It is often said that the college life is called the ‘new phase’ in a student’s life; it prepares them for t...

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Post Covid-19 Classroom Guidelines

Online classes have taken over the world like a wild fire. The discomfort and respite, both given at the same time by the birth of digitization, has become our ‘education’s new normal’. The sudden adaption and ...


Admin Furniture & its Impact

The birth of digitization and new technology has changed almost everything around us. Thanks to such new inventions, the education and economic sector were still able to function somehow during the deadly coron...