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Admin Furniture & its Impact

The birth of digitization and new technology has changed almost everything around us. Thanks to such new inventions, the education and economic sector were still able to function somehow during the deadly coron...

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The right way to re-open the schools

Finally, the schools are about to re-commence; the students will wander the halls again, chit chats in the corridors, attending classes et cetera. Things seem to go back ‘normal’ at a slow rate, yet everyone is...

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Popcorn Furniture’s Guidelines to re-open schools

With the closure of schools for almost more than a year now, administrators and the faculty has decided to re-commence their educational institutions in order to continue face-to-face teaching methods. After al...

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Students & re-opening of schools

The COVID-19 outbreak has imposed a sense of awareness and hygiene across the globe. As the schools are on the verge of opening again, parents have been teaching their little ones to take care of themselves in ...

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When to change your school furniture?

Purchasing of school furniture is not an easy job; one not only has to see if the furniture he or she is going to buy is of good quality and within their budget, but also it is important to consider the most ap...

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UVC LIGHT STERLIZERS: The New Covid-19 Repellants

As the unwanted situation of COVID-19 still persists, majority of us have adapted the new normal and the new norms that the deadly virus has brought along with it. Regular washing of hands, disinfecting surface...

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Re-opening of schools: What to do & how

2021 came with the hope that everything would back to ‘normal’, but the global pandemic is nowhere near its end.  As the closure of schools has exceeded 10 months now, students, teachers and schools worldw...

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Art room & its importance

School years are considered to be the best ones; students learn, grow and develop their personality in their own ways. Often, people are of the view that schools or academies enhance a child’s education by just...

sanitization checklist for schools
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Sanitization Checklist for Schools

A place where majority of students spend most of their time is school or educational institution; the only fundamental premises where a child’s mental and physical state and well-being is formed, shaped and dev...

how to revive your conference room
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How to revive your Conference Room!

Ever thought about rejuvenating your conference room? Perhaps, that is the last thing on your mind to renovate in order to enhance your company’s look.  Every business or company building consists of a ...