Non-toxic and herbal sanitization
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Non-toxic and herbal sanitization

Non-toxic and herbal sanitization

COVID-19 has created quite a scene across the globe. The fear of getting infected by the virus is not just scary but fueling a serious amount of panic too. With the intention of combating coronavirus, scientists are trying to help the mass with different meaningful suggestions which can keep the virus away. Using disinfectant, sanitizer and cleaners have become mandatory now. But such cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectant have chemical properties. Using them excessively can cause harm to health. Therefore it is imperative to find out smart alternatives of these cleaners which can destroy the virus without impacting human health negatively. 

Problem with commercial cleaners

Generally, common commercial cleaners are filled with toxic substances which are primarily designed to destroy the germs and make the domestic life easier. The cost of these chemical-based products can be high and they can raise long-term health concerns for people and the environment.

The purpose of using disinfectant or sanitizer is to keep our surrounding clean and ensure safety. But if those are filled with chemical and toxic substances and can cause health and environmental hazards, it is important to find smart and better alternatives for such elements. 

Natural disinfectants

It does not have to take hours on a daily basis or involve toxic chemicals to set the house and surrounding germ-free. Choosing natural disinfectant can help people to destroy snot-inducing bacteria and viruses quite easily and quickly. Be it white vinegar, lemon juice, vegetable or olive oil, alcohol or baking soda – using these natural ingredients with plant extracts and aromatic oil can work as natural disinfectants and can keep surrounding clean and virus free. These ingredients are environment friendly and do not fill our surrounding with toxic substances in the name of cleanliness. 

Herbal Sanitisation

The herbal sanitisation is a solution which can be comprised of antibacterial, fungicidal and antimicrobial properties which help to keep viruses, bacteria and fungus away. Blended with plant extracts and aromatic oils, such herbal sanitizers can give a refreshing vibe too as they can instantly eliminate the bad odours apart from eliminating the virus at a faster pace.

Benefits of Herbal Sanitisation

Here are a few of the many benefits of turning towards herbal sanitisation solutions, and putting an end to the harmful chemicals we regularly expose ourselves to –

1. Environmental Impact

Conventional cleaning products are responsible for the release of countless chemicals to the environment. When disposed of, these chemicals find their ways into our water supplies and poison ecosystems by releasing harmful toxins into the air we breathe. By choosing a natural alternative, we not only can reduce pollution in the short-run but also fight against climate change.

2. Safety

The use of chemical-based cleaning products creates a high risk of suffering from burns or skin reactions, from making contact with it. For instance, excessive use of easily available hand-sanitizers affects the skin negatively. But herbal sanitizers are not corrosive in nature, and will not harm individuals exposed to it.

3. Cost-Effectiveness

Natural cleaning solutions are extremely cost-effective as they make use of common household items or things that can be easily purchased in grocery stores or supermarkets. 

4. Fewer Antibacterials

Excessive use of antibacterial agents is proven to promote an individual’s bacterial resistance to conventional antibiotics. Some antibacterial agents contain ‘Triclosan’ (refer above) which is known to adversely affect individuals exposed to it. Natural cleaning products generally do not contain any such antibacterial agents. Thus, using them is not going to cause any trouble to the individuals.

5. Awareness & Knowledge

By understating the dangers of certain chemicals, one grows more aware of the ingredients which should be avoided to make good herbal disinfectant. Every individual can benefit from the knowledge of various ingredients, and the effect these can have on our personal health and wellbeing.

As far as the current situation is a concern, frequent sanitization is extremely required to keep the surrounding clean and virus-free. If we can opt for non-toxic and herbal sanitizers, they can not only help us with safety but also can keep our environment clean from toxic chemicals.