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Popcorn furniture: the best school manufacturer in India

Technology and modernisation have taken over the world in the past decade. Various countries have shifted the functioning of their economy online; the usage of internet has reached heights and become a source of income for many of us. With the world moving on fast lane, it is imperative that we keep us and our surroundings top-notch as well. Not only it helps understanding today’s world better, but also helps you mix in a better way; a way to keep you up with modern times.

Amongst many things and daily life chores that have been modified according to the new advancements in technology, school and classroom furniture has undergone a vast change a well. Hence, the need of the hour is to choose a school furniture manufacturer that cater all your current needs and requirements and helps you find the furniture that is modern, trendy and convenient. 

Popcorn Furniture, one of the India’s largest educational furniture companies, is a one-stop shop for equipment for educators. It has been providing solutions for all the furniture requirements of an educational institution since the last 20 years. The team of experts at Popcorn Furniture comes up with more efficient and convenient articles that are modular and meet up the ergonomic standards. Our products are innovative as our own design team develops them and they promote collaborative learning by being modular, knocked down and flexible.

Popcorn Furniture offers many furniture options that accommodate diverse teaching styles. The designs are scientifically created so that each piece attracts, stimulates and educates young minds. Therefore, enjoyment is packed in with functionality and the promise of durability, all of these at pocket friendly prices!

Furthermore, as the global pandemic still persist in the world, Popcorn Furniture decided to extend its hands and offer hygiene and disinfection services for schools, offices and colleges as well! By using Silver-Nano technology, which is not only ayurvedic but also kills 99.9% of germs, you can make your school a better place for the children. From various high-level disinfectant services to antimicrobial surface treatments, avail our amazing services to adjust with the new normal. Popcorn Furniture aspires to be more than just what meets the eye; through much hard work, the team has come up with protection and disinfection accessories as well, to make it easier for the school staff to operate and use them whenever required or needed. This fast solution for disinfecting surfaces comes in various options such as ultraviolet UVC light sterilizers, infra-red thermal solutions, et cetera. We hope this blog helped you understand about our services and assistances better; we put our client’s needs and requirements as number one in our priority list. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details. We promise you, our team will not disappoint you.

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