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Post Covid-19 Classroom Guidelines

Online classes have taken over the world like a wild fire. The discomfort and respite, both given at the same time by the birth of digitization, has become our ‘education’s new normal’. The sudden adaption and reliance on internet has been tough, but has somehow managed not to disrupt the education sector and children’s careers totally.

However, after sitting at home for almost a year, the students are now going back to their school premises. Streaming classes are still persistent, but the ‘in-person’ teaching methods are back on track.

Given the fact that the students got used to the comfort of being home, in their beds and studying online, coming back to school may be overwhelming for them. Meeting the professors and friends after so long, the environment will be full of joy and happiness.

In order to enhance the ambience, something which requires attention (other than sanitization and hygiene measures) is different types of classroom layouts. It is essential that the school furniture is given as much importance as any other aspect. In addition to implementing safety procedure and guidelines, we are of the view that changing your classroom arrangements can have a huge impact on the students when they come back.

Why, you ask?

We believe that little changes can go a long way, leaving positive effects and outcomes. For example, if you change the classroom single desk layout to collaborative seating arrangements, we can assure you that this small amendment will increase the productivity and efficiency of the students, as well as the teachers!

Therefore, we at Popcorn Furniture have come up with a wide range of newly designed school furniture accessories, crafted with love and hard work. To start from the basic, we provide with both single and double desks, with ample of space for every student to keep his or her personal belongings. Further, we have collaborative seating assistances. Under this section, we have various types of differently designed tables and desks, for example amoeba table, trapezium desk, et cetera, which elevates group discussions and activities.

Our assistances are not just limited to classrooms; our team has thought through and has come up with innovative furniture for other departments of schools as well. For instance, cafeteria furniture, book shelves and efficient seating arrangements in libraries, creative and fun furniture fir art rooms, et cetera.

No, we did forget the teachers! We have a separate ‘teacher’s corner’ that consists that consists of variety of subsidiaries such as shelves for storage, different types of chairs to take care of the professor’s comfort, mobile white boards so that they are easy to utilize and move. Don’t worry; we have a teacher’s locker too, providing enough space for every faculty member to store their belongings and stuff. Besides, we offer some really cool teacher’s desk as well!

Already figuring out how to rejuvenate your school’s interior and children’s happiness? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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