An important guideline for schools
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An important guideline for schools who are soon going to resume classes

An important guideline for schools

Highly contagious COVID-19 rapidly started to spread all over the world and on 11th March 2020, WHO declared it as a global pandemic. Coronavirus has shown the world how complete lockdown looks like and introduced us with words like ‘social distancing’, ‘quarantine’ etc. It has been scientifically proven that COVID-19 spreads vastly via human transmission. Therefore the initial method of preventing the virus from a massive outbreak was social distancing which has made the world witness a stern lockdown. But staying back at home for a longer period of time is not a feasible option. Therefore it is essential for all of us to get back to normal life and learn how to live alongside COVID-19. With the necessary precautions, offices are gradually opening and schools too can soon resume the classes. 

Convincing parents to send kids back to school is not going to be an easy task though. School Administration, in this case, has to take serious responsibility for the safety of students and needs to ensure that social distancing is efficiently maintained in the school premise and schools are virus and bacteria-free. This is not all, schools need to help all the academic stakeholders with information that can help them to adjust to the new academic environment and follow strict rules to help themselves and society to get massively affected by coronavirus.

Keeping this crucial situation in mind, Popcorn Furniture, India’s most trusted furniture manufacturer has come up with a smart guideline which can be useful to the schools and other academic institutions who are planning to resume classes and trying to embrace the ‘new normal’ with precautions and mindfulness. The guideline is well-researched and maintains a global standard in terms of setting different safety parameters. Students, facilitators, school administration and parents are going to receive significant information from the guideline which they can use to ensure a healthy life in general and in school premise as well.

The guideline has talked about different school sanitization processes and how schools can ensure social distancing while running regular classes and combat coronavirus. Be it a journey to or from the school, entering the school, being at the classroom or having lunch – everything is defined thoroughly in the guideline. If students, teachers and staff follow the guideline they can easily get a win over COVID-19 even while leading a normal regular life with some precautions. 

Popcorn is soon going to publish the guideline. So stay tuned.