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Popcorn Furniture is a leading manufacturer and supplier of school laboratories in India. Biology lab from the house of Popcorn furniture is a modern lab set-up catering to the requirements of modern Biology education in schools.

Popcorn Furniture understands that unlike classroom, learning in biology laboratory remains student-centric, where students actively engage in hands-on, minds-on activities using laboratory or field materials and techniques. We have made the biology laboratory modern and functional. Our Bio Lab set up is appropriate to make available to the teacher during the planning and preparation period and to students for special projects, makeup laboratories, etc. outside their regular class hours. Each student can get his/her own laboratory workspace.

The laboratory is equipped with worktables that have sinks, a water supply, and natural gas and electrical outlets to support a laboratory/field-oriented biology course. Adequate space for storage of materials and secure areas for storage of solvents, reactants or potentially hazardous or dangerous chemicals.

Lab plan is customized to the requirements of a school. All the material used in the bio lab is high quality that ensures on safety and durability factors.

Biology Lab design by Popcorn Furniture considers some of the important requirements like having an easy wipe clean surface on the lab, customizations as per the specific area and budget of the schools.


Durable and strong:
Biology laboratory from Popcorn furniture is made with quality material that ensures the furniture is durable and strong. It not only fares well on longevity but ease of daily maintenance too.

Lab planning:
Popcorn Furniture helps in proper planning of the biology laboratory suiting to the specific requirements of every school. The bio lab set us is planned according to the available space, teaching strategies, batch size, requirements of the syllabus etc. The complete biology lab is manufactured and set up by Popcorn Furniture: one of the largest school furniture manufacturers in India.

Easy wipe clean surface
Biology Laboratory manufactured by Popcorn Furniture for schools is easy to wipe clean. Labs must be neat and clean always for students to conduct experiments.

High quality material
Every part of the bio lab by Popcorn Furniture is high quality made with high specifications suited for durability and longevity.

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