Ensure The Best Health For Academic Stakeholders
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Water, Sanitation And Hygiene Service – Ensure The Best Health For Academic Stakeholders

Provision of safe water and sanitation facilities in educational institutions is a great opportunity towards living in a healthy learning environment. However, it has been observed that many schools in the developing countries lack adequate water and sanitation services. Surprisingly 40% of the world school-age kids have worm infections. Fragile health condition can hinder the cognitive and holistic development of children. Moreover, amid the outbreak of COVID-19, the concern pertaining to health has increased and freshwater, sanitation and hygiene service has become the topmost priority to ensure the best health of the academic stakeholders.

Fresh water, proper sanitation and maintaining hygiene is the need of the hour. While boiling water before using it is good practice at any day, during this period of global pandemic, it has become a necessity. Hence, even if a school does not have technologically advanced water purifier, they can sincerely opt for boiling water to ensure good health for students and all the academic stakeholders.

Ensure The Best Health For Academic Stakeholders

Apart from ensuring fresh, germ and bacteria-free water, providing proper sanitation for the school premise is important. Cleanliness is Godliness. As children spend a good amount of time at school and they are not expected to be highly sensible of their clean surrounding, it is the responsibility of school administration to take care of that matter mindfully and make sure the surroundings of a school is clean and dust-free. If the classrooms, corridors, washrooms and stairs of a school is clean, sanitization will be effective on it to keep it virus-free.

Since past two decades Popcorn has been working tirelessly to provide the best solutions to the schools. During the crisis of the global pandemic, Popcorn has come up with Professional Disinfectant Service. It provides solutions which are designed with the help of silver-nano technology and highly efficient to destroy deadly germs and viruses and keep the surrounding safe.

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