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How school furniture impacts the infrastructure of education

Everyone is aware of the fact that the fundamental trilogy for successful learning consists of the qualifications of the faculty, the interest of the toddlers and students, and the quality of the physical environment and ambience, that is the classroom. Among these, something that gets ignored the most is the basic classroom or school furniture. 

When we talk about designing a classroom for the future, it is imperative to take into account some tips that will help meet the needs and requirements of the students:

  • Provision of spaces for movements: it is important to provide free areas near or even within classrooms to meet this demand.
  • Gym or playground equipment: an area (this time with small gym equipment) can be provided to even better remedy the need for exercise or physical activity.
  • Multipurpose tables: just like in corporate offices, students should be able to vary the use of the tables and adjust whether they can be accessed sitting or standing.
  • Furniture with wheels: tables and chairs with wheels allow quick and quiet flexibility. 
  • Spaces for the sharing of ideas: basically, promoting group discussions. These spaces for students to write and discuss ideas among themselves are essential.

Some other concerns are: 

  • Flexibility: to make teaching and learning a better experience.
  • Durability: helps in creating an ambience that is well-known and welcoming 
  • Efficiency: that makes the students feel the best while using sustainable and well-developed articles 
  • Ergonomic: designing and preparing furniture that suits children of all age groups.

With the aim to meet all these requirements, the team of Popcorn Furniture has designed furniture for schools that are efficient, comfortable and pocket friendly!

Popcorn Furniture can be your one-stop shop for all kinds of furniture that you might need for your school. Being India’s biggest and best school furniture manufacturer, Popcorn furniture promises nothing but comfort and the best quality desks for your school. Be it single desk or double desk, effort and hard work is put to a great extent by our team. Our single desk series are an ideal choice for students in senior years as they spend more time in classrooms to study. The long sitting hours may create posture problems for the students. However, Popcorn Furniture, keeping this common problem in mind had designed the single desks in such a way that provides appropriate back support to the students. In case of double-desk series, Popcorn Furniture aims to meet the requirements and needs of the children that is way we have designed these desks with ergonomics and other great facilities that will be an ideal choice for any school. The single and double desk series come in variety of options, which can be customized as well. 

Are you ready to breathe in a new life in your schools and classrooms? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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