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Popcorn Furniture’s Guidelines to re-open schools

With the closure of schools for almost more than a year now, administrators and the faculty has decided to re-commence their educational institutions in order to continue face-to-face teaching methods. After all, this traditional method of teaching has proved to be more effective for decades!

However, this decision is more difficult to implement. The schools now have to prioritize the hygiene and sanitization procedures more than the quality of their education. The need of the hour is to give assurance to the students, parents and your faculty about their safety. The aim is to provide as much security and sense of comfort as possible, which somehow seems more complicated.

Hence, Popcorn Furniture, being India’s largest school furniture supplier and manufacturer, has prepared a list of smart guidelines that will help you to re-open your schools easily and the correct way.

  • Say Hello to New Furniture: This may seem absurd, but believe us, this is something important! Getting new furniture has always been a headache. With children being present at the school almost every day, moving in newly bought furniture and supplies creates disturbance and distractions. Now is the correct time to renovate your school premises with new school and classroom furniture, as the building would be empty! Easy to move-in, invigilate and re-design. Popcorn Furniture’s wide range of school furniture will help you breathe in new life in your school. With several designs to choose from, the team of Popcorn Furniture will provide you nothing but the best. The cost-efficient and best quality furniture is not something to miss out! What’s more? We provide professional consultants to make this procedure smoother!
  • Routinely Sanitization Check-ups: Covid-19 has imposed the new normal on us, making us sanitize things and wash our hands regularly. The sense of awareness regarding hygiene awaken by the global pandemic has spread like fire. Therefore, in order to continue your classes’ offline in your school premises, the most essential approach is to have disinfection services in the school on regular basis. Not only will it reduce the possibility of the virus’ exposure to bare minimum, but also provides assurance to the parents.

Popcorn Furniture decided to extend its services and has come up with professional sanitization and disinfection services that will keep your faculty and students safe and infection-free! Our services included nano-silver technology, herbal chemicals that are harmless. Eco friendly material and effective disinfectants that kill 99.9% of the germs

  • Use Handy Sanitizing Accessories: Utilization of UVC light sterilizers and infra-red thermal by the staff is an ideal choice for academic instructions as they are easy to use and a fast way to disinfect highly-exposed areas such as desks, chair handles, door knobs, et cetera. Popcorn Furniture offers these subsidiaries at pocket friendly prices!

Do you agree with these guidelines and want to implement them? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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