provision of hygiene services
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Provision of Hygiene Services: Future of education depending on sanitization solutions

Schools and colleges worldwide are trying to gradually uplift the COVID-19 restrictions by developing sanitization infrastructure and keeping a regular check of the deadly virus within the premises. While people are still trying to settle and adjust with the new normal, various economic sectors of every country have fallen down the line, including education. The halted education sector for more than eight months has been damaged to a great extent, adversely affecting the educational development of students and toddlers. Currently, more than thousands of students are facing school closure or uncertainties while attending online classes that are going to effect the upcoming generations negatively.

provision of hygiene services

The decision of re-opening the academic institutions only augmented and worsened the present situation. However, this sudden choice by educational authorities has helped schools and universities to focus on hygiene practices more. The emergence of this issue has not only prioritized basic sanitization infrastructure development, but also to take up several other cleanliness measures to create a sense of safety for the children in the near future.

It is believed that a safe and hygienic ambience in the school premises helps to enhance the educational outcomes. The approach of implementing and improving hygiene practices has now become prominent and necessary to enable a safe environment for the pupils when the re-join the schools in future. 

These small yet great steps taken by many schools are essential to reduce the risk of another COVID-19 outbreak in the country, especially among children and teachers. Provisions of sanitization facilities is not only going to improve educational outcomes, but also increase the number of enrollments of pupils, as parents would feel more satisfied by sending their kids to a school that offers  sanitization and disinfection services.

Popcorn Furniture aims to upgrade this project by extending hands to schools and offering professional sanitization and disinfection services. From herbal non-toxic disinfectant to high level disinfectant practices, the team of Popcorn furniture aspires to cater your needs pertaining health and safety. Popcorn Furniture does not limit itself here. Protection accessories and subsidiaries are also provided by us, as these things are more handy and easy to use in school premises. Infrared thermal solutions, ultraviolet UVC light sterilizers and many more protection accessories are available at Popcorn Furniture to choose from. 

Popcorn Furniture being the biggest school furniture and supplier in India, has decided to emphasize on the safety of the students and teachers and help schools and colleges create a welcoming environment for everyone. With this aim, Popcorn Furniture is of the view that this small step taken to facilitate sanitization services will help to improve academic outcomes in the near future. 

Are you willing to know more about these solutions which can make your school environment safe and secure? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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