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The brutality of the second wave of the novel coronavirus in India has affected thousands of people. Just when things were about to get ‘ okay ‘, the carelessness of our native citizens took us back to where we started. Problems related to education and employment is now more prominent than ever.

However, in order to save the economy, people have to keep working even in this grave situation. Even though big companies and corporate houses have enabled work from home, the majority of the people in India have to travel to the office premises and work. This is mainly due to lack of resources and technology. Hence, people are left with no other option but to put them in danger and earn to live.

However, administrators are taking safety measures to create an environment that feels safe and hygienic to their employees. In order to keep the company ‘functioning’, it is imperative that the directors or heads of the corporate houses take care of their co-workers’ basic needs and requirements.

But, how can you do it?

That’s when the team of Popcorn Furniture comes in! Apart from being the leading furniture supplier and manufacturer in India, Popcorn Furniture has various disinfecting services to offer!

Let us give you a brief about them. For starters, we have Herbal Non Toxic Disinfectant, a combination of components of Ayurveda and Silver Nano Technology ( AgNi ), which sanitizes surfaces of desks, chairs, tables, doors, railings, et cetera. This hygiene service is totally safe to be performed in human presence, as it is non-toxic.

Secondly, we have high level disinfectants. This consists of various sanitizers and sprays with high level of alcohol concentrations that kills more than 95% of the germs and bacteria. These services can be chosen once in a few weeks as they are very strong disinfectants; the coatings do not get off easily.

Besides, we have UVC Solutions as well! An ideal choice for your office as it is handy and easy to use! UVC Sterilizers offered by Popcorn Furniture can cover both large and small services within a short span of time!

In addition, the team can provide you with Anti-microbial Surface Treatment; a disinfection assistance that provides anti-microbial and anti-viral properties. With the aim to destroy maximum number of germs on the surfaces, this service can be used on floors, railings, tables, shelves, et cetera.

Lastly, Popcorn Furniture also has Infrared thermal solutions, that is, a no-contact device that helps you determine the temperature of people in your office within seconds! It comes at a very pocket friendly price and a 6 months of warranty card!

It is essential that we all take responsibility to keep ourselves and others safe from this deadly virus. The least we can do is offer hygiene services and measures to ensure everyone’s safety.

Are you convinced to take such measures? Contact us at 1800-1200-49999 today and get all the details.

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